Here is a list of some of the most prominent companies and usecases that is taking place on Tezos.

FutureSense: Tech company building decentralized identity solutions on Tezos, as well as token based data marketplaces. Geared towards the Korean National Police Agency (NIA). FutureSense has connections to Microsoft, Amazon and also Ethereum. [](

Gravity: Working with several African countries, United nations, Red Cross and other NGO´s to provide decentralized identity services. Gravity Earth is using Tezos and they work with some of the most prominent players in decentralized identity. [](

Electis: Working together with 100+ universities around the world to test decentralized voting. Electis is currently being used by several french and Swiss towns to vote on projects. The wealthiest town in France use Electis. Built on Tezos. [](

European central bank/Bank of France: Have been doing successfull research on Tezos for their CBDC experiments. The French central bank and the french minister of finance has spoken positively on Tezos in the past. Bank of France has also experimented with running a node on Tezos.

Werenode: Building peer to peer electric vehicle charging by using Tezos. People can share and rent out their electric chargers to others. Team members previously worked for Renault and Mitsubitshi. Building their own EV chargers that are past the prototype stage. The whitepaper for Werenode was written in collabration with Renault.

BMW/envited ecosystem: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, Siemens, Audi, 3D mapping solutions, aSR advanced Simulated Reality GmbH, and many other companies have been researching on Tezos for a long time, for purposes related to autonmous driving. Expecting more updates soon. More than 50 companies have been involved in this work group, and they have been working together with french car companies as well. Together, the most advanced research on the future of autonomous vehicles in the world. [](

KoinArthe/marketsN: B2B supply chains using Tezos combined with a private permissioned blockchain. Current clients include: MG motors (owned by SAIC Motor, which is a fortune 100 company and one of the biggest companies in China.) Rakuten, samunnati, MVL chain, Hindalco industries. [](

Talao: Building decentralized identity for the human resources industry. Maybe the leading project in Europe doing this. Working with European regulators. Potential to be adopted by hundreds to thousands of companies. EU approved. [](

Spruce systems: Building decentralized identity on Tezos. Rumored to be working with big companies. [](

Societe Generale: One of the biggest banks in Europe. Have launched several products on Tezos, and been involved a lot in the ecosystem. [](

BNP paribas: One of the biggest banks in the world. Are working together with the core Tezos development team, Nomadic Labs.

BTG Pactual: One of Latin americas biggest banks. Have launched STO´s on Tezos. [](

EDF **Électricité de France/**Exaion: One of the biggest companies in the world providing electricity. Revenue past 70 billion euros. Exaion the daughter company of EDF runs a validator node on Tezos and researches Tezos for usecases. In 2009, EDF was the world’s largest producer of electricity. EDF also manages most of the nuclear reactors in France.

Wakam insurance: French B2B insurance company that runs a validator node on Tezos and do research on how they can use Tezos tech in insurance. Has many companies as customers, like Yamaha. [](

Groupe Casino: 11,000+ retail stores worldwide. Owns several big companies like Extra, Cdiscount, Spar. Groupe Casino have made a EURO stable coin on Tezos that they will likely start accepting in their stores. Revenue tens of billions. [](

Unity AG: One of the biggest tech consultant firms in Europe, and they are involved in Tezos and research. Sometimes post on the Tezos forum suggesting stuff. Customers include: Microsoft, Adidas, Airbus, Lufthansa, Deutche Bahn, BMW, Swiss Air, Miele, Deutche Post, Volkswagen, Eurowings, Continental, KION group, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, DIEHL aviation, Mondi and many more. [](

Emirates Group/Puma: Currently working with Tezos ecosystem, Puma and AC Milan on a sport contract platform.

Red Bull. Technical multi year long partnership. Will launch a NFT platform on Tezos

Mclaren: Technical multi year long partnership. Will launch a NFT platform on Tezos

City of Reno, Nevada: The city of Reno is building a DAO on Tezos, and also tokenizing art owned by the city on Tezos.

OneOF: Music NFT platform built on Tezos. Backed by many world famous artists that will launch their NFT´s there.

French Millitary: Been using Tezos

Diginex/Ethical toy programme: IOM and Diginex deployed [eMin]( – a mobile-optimized and blockchain-based platform developed by Diginex and built on the open-source and secure Tezos Protocol – in the garment manufacturing sector in Thailand. eMin stores information about employment conditions and contracts, recruitment experiences and migration-associated costs, which are uploaded by migrant workers on a transparent and immutable ledger. Used by a branch of the United nations.

GoEurekaTravel: Trying to connect hotels directly with customers, without 3rd parties. Allegedely are working together with many well known Hotels. Built on Tezos.

Ubisoft: Runs a validator node on Tezos and plans to use Tezos to launch NFT´s.

Chefs Club/BITE token: ‘Chefs Club Collective’ is an initiative that aims to help the restaurant industry by allowing consumers to provide direct funding to participating restaurants. Built on Tezos for the resturant industry.

Sword Group: Sword France is an international leader in digital transformation that has engaged significantly with blockchain technologies. The French team is executing a Tezos based digital signature project to fight against document fraud and fake invoices

Real estate STO companies: Vertalo, Tzero, Tokensoft, Fundament, Baanx, Dealbox, Alliance Investment, Elevated returns, Dalma capital, Andra capital, Securitize, Globacap, Equisafe, REI Capital, Sol RE, Sword Group, The blockhcain group, coinhouse, Diginex, smart crowd, Fireblocks and more.

Tezos is silently being adopted by a lot of huge companies. Might have the 2nd most adoption in crypto by big companies after Ethereum. This list is far from complete, there´s a lot more companies involved with Tezos.

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