The 4IR is more than just the development of technology, it’s a means of solving problems using smart technology. It is set to offer individuals ways to do more on digital, for example, mobile banking instead of queueing at the bank for long hours, which enables them to run their lives with ease. It will also offer people endless opportunities, effective mobility, services and better access to products. 

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Nakedi Phala takes you through the relationship between humans and the 4IR. 

4IR is shaping the way humans communicate 

The way people communicate is changing rapidly — from the way individuals interact with each other to the way businesses interact with customers. Through the development of smart communication devices, 4IR makes almost



The new technologies aim to break down communication obstacles that make it difficult for humans to interact with one another effectively. 

Virtual reality is becoming a favourite amongst all people, as it allows individuals to feel as though they’re in a real location when they’re actually in a virtual one. Examples of this include tech such as virtual gaming, which puts users


the game they’re playing. 


virtual communication

technology is digital communication, which eliminates distance and allows users to engage through live video platforms from


in the world. Not only is it accommodating

(especially in current remote working times)

and convenient, but it also allows you to communicate with others far more effectively. This is because it allows you to cut out the kilometres you would normally put in for an event or business meeting with stakeholders.   

Virtual communication is a financially savvy option, reducing business operating expenses and leaving you with some change in your budget that you could have spent on travelling, parking meal expenses and overall operation overheads. 

IR is changing the way individuals work 

Some labour industries like manufacturing, research and banking are increasingly adapting to new technology in order to move with the times. The innovation of 4IR technology enhances the interaction between humans and machines to improve productivity in the workplace, which allows businesses to accomplish their objectives. 

The talk of the town lately has been around artificial intelligence (AI), which helps humans perform tasks adequately. For example, a company like Newsclip has IA services of processing hardcopy and digital magazines and the human factor monitors the processing and perfects the overall process. This means that the two complement each other and achieve great results


AI is there to enhance productivity in the workplace, giving businesses the benefit of automating some physical, mundane tasks usually performed by people and diverting employees to positions that still require more human attention. For example, re-skilling them and putting them on the sales frontline, allowing them to build strategies and attract more clients for the business.  

Importantly, AI is improving the need for quality results, with services offering a greater understanding of what consumers need over time, resulting in better brand and service delivery. 

4IR in the media industry  

Technology is already leading the media industry, improving the way media practitioners research and share information with clients, stakeholders and audiences. 

Just like the first, second and third industrial revolution, the 4IR presents more options and solutions. For example, when radio emerged, newspapers continued — and when television emerged, radio


continued. This means that careers within the industry are broadening instead of disappearing. 

Essentially, 4IR development pushes industry practitioners to think creatively and work with new tech tools that make their job easier. For example, digital publishing tools allow writers to make edits and correct content errors before sending it out to editors. Before, if there were mistakes that were published in your hardcopy, best of luck …

The main objective of 4IR is to help people, which humans need to adapt rather than resist. Being resistant about this revolution can hurt your business and you’ll find yourself stuck in the old ways of conducting interviews or publishing press releases. Overall, a media house that survives is one that fights to move with times and tech developments. 

The 4IR is unstoppable and is having a great impact on the world and how humans operate.  What are your thoughts on the influence 4IR has on humans? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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