Best practices of intranet personalization:

1) Personalize employee portals

The main purpose of an intranet is to convey information to employees in a hassle-free way. Automatically introduce greater personalization in your intranet by using an intelligent intranet platform.

Rather than investing in an expensive and time-consuming overhaul to tag content and profiles of employees manually, adopt a modern intranet with advanced features, such as learning from user’s profile and behaviour analysis automatically to provide personalized content, customize the employee portal themes, customize widgets on landing pages etc. Featuring relevant content to employees amplifies the intranet adoption rate and justifies the overall intranet investment.

For example, employees can view a tailored or personalized content aligned to their specific goals or departments using the widgets available in the modern intranets. Not all content in the portal landing page is relevant to everyone. So personalizing and positioning it according to the preferences will stand a better chance to boost the adoption rates.

Similarly, taking advantage of the portal based features, one can change the theme of the portal making it a more personalized space.

Using theme-based personalization employees can modify their portals theme (as per brand guidelines) which will imbibe more sense of ownership in employees. Consequently, personalization amplifies the usage of the intranet portal resulting in a higher intranet adoption rates.

Additionally, there are multiple features aiding the personalization aspects of the intranet apart from the above-listed use cases.

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2) Offer customizable widgets

One of the best ways to drive intranet personalization is to provide employees with customizable widgets on their intranet portal. Employees can select prefered widgets of their interests and add to their portals for an easy picture of organizations updates.

For example, a few employees may want to have a news feed displayed on the page while others may want to view a feed featuring rewards and recognition, organization’s news, events, announcements, regional news etc.

In any case, the ability to customize widgets is bound to become a favourite feature for employees, improving employee engagement and enhancing employee experience with the intranet.

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3) Personalized Notifications

Notifying about the prefered news, events, announcements and other updates based on employees subscription can help to bring more personalization to the users in an intranet.

Employees can opt for different categories like global news, regional news, department activities, project status, events, announcements etc. and get notified with the updates. These notifications will be user-specific and suggested automatically based on the user’s profile and preferences.

For example, if employees what to know the updates about the events in the organization or status of the ongoing project, they can opt for options like events or projects accordingly and get personalized notifications.

Employees can opt-in to many categories based on their interests to get updates and if they feel updates are no longer needed, they can opt-out at any time to stop receiving notifications.

4) Introduce chatbots

Chatbots provide personalized Information right at fingertips

AI-powered chatbots will allow employees to access relevant information anywhere, anytime and in a more personalized way through a conversational interface.

Below is a classic persona of how an employee can access information on the go: