By Cristina Mircea

In a future where mailmen will be replaced by drones, it is only logical for the mailboxes to keep up with technological advancements. The DroneDek smart receptacle is compatible with drone couriers, humans, and robots, and it was designed to securely receive and hold your deliveries so that you can worry about more important things. 6 photos

This smart mailbox is weatherproof and feature-packed, being equipped with sensor technology, a motorized sliding door, GPS, Bluetooth, and advanced positioning technology. It is secured by a fully encrypted, end-to-end opening protocol, which means no one can open it unless they have the right security code. The DroneDek smart box has been optimized for tethered, dropped, manual, and automated deliveries. It is also climate controlled, Bluetooth enabled, and comes with a two-way speaker system for real-time communication. Or you can just use it to play music.

Drones can also use the smart box to recharge wirelessly.

When receiving a package via drone, the DroneDek uses GPS to give the exact coordinates. Once it reaches the right location, the aircraft has to transmit the correct code so that the motorized door on top of the DroneDek opens. You can also unlock the box with a key or via the included mobile app.

The package is then verified using a QR and barcode scanner. After the drone lowers/drops the package in, the door of the mailbox closes and locks back. The package inside the DroneDek also gets disinfected using UVs to kill any viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to its smart sensors, the DroneDek can also detect explosives and biohazards, and in case of anything suspicious, it can report the threat to emergency services and its user. Audio alerts will also notify people nearby.

The dedicated app will let you view the status of your deliveries, receive automated notifications, and, as we’ve already mentioned above, can also give you access to the DroneDek.

And, of course, if you want to kick it old-school and use the DroneDek as a simple mailbox, you can do so, as it also comes with a letter slot allowing for one-way deposits of mail.

Engineered by the Indianapolis-based company with the same name, the DroneDek smart receptacle is scheduled for launch in 2022. DroneDek is yet to communicate the price of the ultimate mailbox.