Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on HealthTech (March 2021)

Here’s the Thinkers360 leaderboard for our top 50 global thought leaders and influencers on HealthTech for March 2021. Congratulations to all our thought leaders and experts who participated!

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RankPictureThought Leader InfoThought Leader Score
Dr Jane Thomason
British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association
Contact Dr Jane Thomason
Score: 100
Michael Ferro
Merrick Ventures
Contact Michael Ferro
Score: 83.11
João Bocas – The Wearables Expert ™
Digital Salutem
Contact João Bocas – The Wearables Expert ™
Score: 73.08
Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala
Contact Dr. Sunil Kumar Vuppala
Score: 67.45
Arvind Sivaramakrishnan CHCIO
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited
Contact Arvind Sivaramakrishnan CHCIO
Score: 62.55
Kashif Saleem
King Saud University
Contact Kashif Saleem
Score: 54.72
Evan Kirstel
Contact Evan Kirstel
Score: 49.83
Nicolas Babin
Babin Business Consulting
Contact Nicolas Babin
Score: 45.91
Thomas Koulopoulos
Delphi Group
Contact Thomas Koulopoulos
Score: 45.42
Robin Farmanfarmaian
Contact Robin Farmanfarmaian
Score: 44.93
Navin Manaswi
Contact Navin Manaswi
Score: 44.69
Jay Campbell
TRT Revolution LLC
Contact Jay Campbell
Score: 44.69
Dennis Sherwood
The Silver Bullet Machine Manufacturing Company Limited
Contact Dennis Sherwood
Score: 44.69
Tiffanee Neighbors, MBA
Contact Tiffanee Neighbors, MBA
Score: 43.22
Keita Masui
Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC
Contact Keita Masui
Score: 40.28
Kamales Lardi
Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH
Contact Kamales Lardi
Score: 40.03
Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Rout
Innovation Solution Lab
Contact Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Rout
Score: 40.03
Gokul Alex
Gigamesh Garage Ventures
Contact Gokul Alex
Score: 39.79
Matt Stephens
Theraloop, Inc.
Score: 37.59
Dave Whitney
MGA Homecare
Contact Dave Whitney
Score: 36.36
Sally Eaves
Contact Sally Eaves
Score: 34.90
Ollie Rankin
Pansensory Interactive Incorporated
Contact Ollie Rankin
Score: 34.90
Peggy Smedley
Specialty Publishing Media
Contact Peggy Smedley
Score: 34.90
Matthew Holland CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur and Veteran
Synergistic Creations, Inc. (The KnKt’d Platforms)
Contact Matthew Holland CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur and Veteran
Score: 34.41
Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, PhD, FBCS
Edinburgh Napier University
Contact Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, PhD, FBCS
Score: 33.92
Yahya Mohamed Mao
Contact Yahya Mohamed Mao
Score: 33.92
Tom Raftery
Contact Tom Raftery
Score: 33.43
Kevin Coleman
Contact Kevin Coleman
Score: 33.18
Dennis Leber
University of Tennessee Health and Science Center
Contact Dennis Leber
Score: 33.18
Kayne McGladrey
Ascent Solutions
Contact Kayne McGladrey
Score: 33.18
Robin Tommy
Tata Consultancy Services
Contact Robin Tommy
Score: 33.18
Michael Gale
Contact Michael Gale
Score: 32.94
Avrohom Gottheil
#AskTheCEO Media
Contact Avrohom Gottheil
Score: 32.94
Dr. Mazlan Abbas
Contact Dr. Mazlan Abbas
Score: 32.69
Filiberto Amati
Amati & Associates
Contact Filiberto Amati
Score: 32.69
Karl A Smith
Organizational Agility the Future of Work
Contact Karl A Smith
Score: 32.69
Terry Earthwind Nichols
Evolutionary Healer LLC
Contact Terry Earthwind Nichols
Score: 31.96
Hugo Fernandes
Contact Hugo Fernandes
Score: 31.96
Puja Bhattacharjee
Contact Puja Bhattacharjee
Score: 31.71
Antonio Santos
Contact Antonio Santos
Score: 31.71
Jeff Livingstone
Igia Pharmaceuticals
Contact Jeff Livingstone
Score: 31.71
Stephanie Atkinson
Compass Intelligence, LLC
Contact Stephanie Atkinson
Score: 31.71
Robert Larrivee
Bob Larrivee
Contact Robert Larrivee
Score: 31.47
Dana Gardner
Interarbor Solutions
Contact Dana Gardner
Score: 31.47
Evan Kohn
Contact Evan Kohn
Score: 31.47
Dr Djamila Amimer
Mind Senses Global
Contact Dr Djamila Amimer
Score: 31.47
Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Contact Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Score: 31.47
Sheri Hinish
SupplyChainQueen & Supply Chain Revolution Podcast
Contact Sheri Hinish
Score: 31.47
Andrea Chiappetta
European Service Institute
Contact Andrea Chiappetta
Score: 31.47
Patrick J. McKenna
McKenna Associates Inc
Contact Patrick J. McKenna
Score: 31.22


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