Data will proceed to change the way we work, communicate with others and pretty much influence every aspect of our lives. So there is one thing common that goes around on everyone’s mind and that is what is the future of Data Science and in what ways Data Science will affect our day to day lives or our lives.

To answer this common curiosity, I would rather bring out a few of the trends that Data Science has bought into this industry and by this, the curiosity that is there within our minds will get to a better understandable state.

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Few Data Science Trends:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:

Be it or name any business, small or large, AI has made its own space in the industry. AI has become conventional technology for most of the businesses and it will grow in the coming years. The reason behind the need and use of AI in the industry is because it allows improving the business processes, it helps in handling the data in a better way.

Another trend under AI will be automated machine learning, which will help in better data management. To understand AI and bring out more changes in AI and Data Science, you must be an expert in it and for that, you have to be trained well!


With computers becoming intelligent, they can make work easier, which in turn means that many of the processes can be automated. Automation has been already stationed in factories and manufacturing processes. With the increase in this trend that is Automation, different job roles may be altered as manufacturing units or factories would not need much of human resources. In the future, we can undoubtedly see humans doing more interactive nad complex roles and can even see how well can humans and machines manage together in the industry.

Growth of IoT:

We can see the rapid growth of IoT(Internet of Things) in our day to day scenarios. How it has become easy to control many of our home appliances through apps and devices. Other than these appliances, you have come across Google Assistant, Alexa, these are also great examples of how IoT has been making things easier. And this is gabbing the attention of the users, which in turn leads to a rise in such technologies and the evolution of better advancements within these technologies. IoT has made devices “smart”. With the larger usage of these devices, companies will tend to invest more in this technology and will create new products and services that can grab the user’s attention.

Growth of Big Data Analytics:

Big Data Analytics, helps businesses gain an ambitious turn over data and accomplish their objectives. Python is one of the general-purpose tools that is widely used to analyze big data and Data Science. Big data analysis helps in analyzing the reasons behind the events that take place in the present to identify what will happen in the future. This will identify the preferences of the consumers and will help the businesses to create better strategies for the target audience.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is one of the technologies that is used to share, store and protect data. Blockchain technology is used to secure the database. This is encrypted in such a way that only the users are given the editing rights. Blockchain will get its recognition soon in the industry.

Growth in demand for Data Security Professionals:

Data Science security scientists must be proficient in the latest technologies in Data Science and Big Data and Python being the tool that is highly used in Data Science and Big Data, they must be efficient with working in Python. So, with the increase in the adoption of AI and ML, there will be a rise in various job roles and this is one among them. Although there will be a lot of Data Scientists, there should be one who will manage to process data to customers securely and this is where Data Security Professionals come into the role.

Data Science has grown one of the expanding fields in all industries, remarkably the IT industry. Thus, businesses utilizing data science techniques and technologies must stay up-to-date with the newest trends.

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