NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wave Neuroscience, The Braincare™ Company, is the world’s leader in personalized cognitive performance enhancement technologies. Today, Wave Neuroscience unveiled Sonal, the first-of-its-kind, at-home device that delivers personalized neuromodulation. Wave Neuroscience was founded for the purpose of redefining what is possible in mental performance. Sonal defines that vision and delivers a trusted and personalized Braincare solution that is widely accessible to everyone. Sonal provides a groundbreaking addition to the brain health and mental wellness landscape by supplying its users with a customized plan tailored to fit their individual needs.

Braincare is the understanding and optimization of the brain’s neurons via Wave Neuroscience’s assessment tools. While many wellness organizations focus on indirect ways to improve brain health through external means, Wave Neuroscience takes a direct approach to personalization by utilizing brain mapping technologies to understand and optimize brain function with personalized protocols.

Enter Sonal – your personalized Braincare partner.

Sonal uses personalized stimulation to reshape brainwaves and optimize function to effectively improve health for general well-being. The process begins with a 10-minute brainwave recording to create your personalized Braincare plan. These recordings are reviewed by Wave’s Department of Data Science utilizing neurocomputational analytics with an individualized plan that is uploaded to the mobile Sonal app. Sonal is a truly mobile wearable device that can be used just about anywhere. Each session takes just 30 minutes and users may experience benefits such as improved sleep quality, increased focus, and elevated mood in a matter of weeks.

“Years of ground-breaking research, trials and successful treatments have led us to this moment – the arrival of Sonal. At Wave Neuroscience, we believe that there should be no barrier to anyone reaching optimal wellness. By introducing the first at-home device, we are able to remove one roadblock some face when deciding whether to seek care,” said Fred Walke, CEO of Wave Neuroscience.

Sonal benefits include:

  • Better Cognition: Sonal is a Braincare wellness device built on decades of research examining personalized brain stimulation technology. What does that mean for Sonal users? Less brain-fog, sharper thoughts and mental clarity.
  • Better Sleep: Great sleep is one of the best things anyone could ask for. Sleep is also one of the most improved areas reported by Sonal users. With Sonal, users see less sleep latency and improved Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which has been linked to resilience to stress and improved deep sleep. These are fundamental factors that contribute to overall health and wellness.
  • Better Self-Control: People who use Sonal for consecutive weeks notice significant improvement in how they react to events that may have caused them distress in the past.
  • Better Focus: Sonal helps users focus on what matters most. As Sonal entrains your brainwaves to fire more in sync, you will feel yourself wielding the reins of your attention like never before.
  • Better Mood: With better cognition, sleep, and focus, Sonal users report positive changes in their overall mood.

“One of our core values is democratizing brain health and the development of the Sonal is a tremendous step in the right direction. Neuronal function can gradually degrade over time due to numerous factors and stressors such as chronic stress, sleep disruption, loss of a loved one, traumatic events, substance use, and more. The Sonal has demonstrated promising data in double-blind randomized clinical trials at elite academic institutions. Our overarching goal is to optimize global brain function, rather than chase a diagnosis we are instead creating an environment where the brain can function at its optimal level” said Erik Won, President and Chief Medical Officer of Wave Neuroscience.

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About Wave Neuroscience:

Wave Neuroscience, the Braincare™ Company, develops technologies that personalize and facilitate Braincare, the understanding and optimization of the brain. Combining decades of medical research with targeted applications, Wave Neuroscience creates greater access to better health. When it comes to brain health insight and treatment, no one can do what we do. Our proprietary approach provides deep understanding and personalized plans to wellness and recovery. At every step, we provide evidence-based, world-class Braincare rooted in first principle physics. For more information, visit