We are just a whole lot of AI.
How does this vary from one person to another, I mean what makes a good and bad AI.
The problem with this whole lot is actually they sheep walk (bhed chaal) ie SEE, RECORD and PLAY. You see, you tend to switch and learn rather than learn and switch because its just abit comfortable this way, that’s how the society aka whole lot is functioning. It has fine ADJUST in it but that too in the process where you came with others sheep.

In opposition of this whole there are rare who tend to emphasize on ADJUST button as well, thus making a good AI.

Being a good AI now is very tough, it just all the ranking, grading, any kind of indexing is based on those parameters which will tell a sheep to switch and learn. Ultimately what happens we are just left with PLAY button.

Small theory/perception on Adaptation.


We see things, it looks fascinating… We just start figuring out ways to switch into it. That’s what happened to us in choosing studies and then to job. In mid of the course we find ourself complaining. We again see some other thing, some other lifestyle, some other work or any course and lag jate fir se switch karne me.
Maximum population is following same and out of those maximum many aren’t satisfied in one or other scenarios.

On the other hand if we try those fascinating things first and opt if we truly enjoy it,, then that my friend will make it easy and happy.
But ofcourse there are many parameters in considerations : parents, peers, overall society and its traditional system. It’s hard to break these. For starters confidence is the key.

This is just not about yourself, however you can also help your closer one by proper communication and providing leverage (time, grade, other measuring standards)

On the different note and yet relative tone : Satisfaction comes from a habit of being satisfied, it does not come with age, attainment, etc.