Artificial Intelligence and Thoughts

Artificial intelligence has been a subject of debate and thought for decades since the British genius Alan Mathison Turing proposed the concept of the general-purpose computer. Over the decades we have been working to recreate this visionary idea with computers and at the moment we are at mobile computers — where in your hand you hold more compute power than the world had just a few decades ago.

Another Briton Geoffrey Hinton, the 2018 recipient of the Turing Award — Professor at the University of Toronto and head of Google Brain has been working to achieve this by creating mathematical functions that simply help you model thoughts like those in human beings — using computers. For the Artificial Intelligence geeks

  1. model = Brain,
  2. inference i.e 1 or 0 =result of the thought

In recent years Hinton’s lab has been working on Deep Neural Network and have been able to achieve great accuracy confirming that now computers can perform tasks at human or super human levels. This is big for both computers but also i argue for human beings. Here i will now switch to Psychology.

Artificial intelligence and Psychology

Most of the suffering in the world at the moment is linked to one culprit — although the pharmaceutical world won’t admit it since they want to keep milking money from you — Thoughts. Thoughts — particularly negative thoughts create negative energy in your body that is manifested as disease — a well known concept in oriental spiritual tradition dating back hundreds of thousands of years.

So if we can be able to offload our thoughts to machines which can produce the resources we need to survive. Our minds and thoughts can subside to the immediate and the beautiful of the now. We can create a better world for all!

Also if anyone asks you what these complicated Neural Networks are — now you know the answer 😉