Forced isolation and social distancing restrictions, put into place during the Covid-19 health crisis, are expected to have a lasting effect on the world as we know it. Or should I say, once knew it.

In just a few weeks time, society has already undergone a major overhaul in the way companies and citizens live and work. It’s truly impressive how adaptable human-kind can be when it needs to.

But with every passing day and with every bit of extra time added to our confinement, it is becoming harder and harder for us to return to the way things were before.

That’s not to say this new world will be better or worse. Just different. With many isolation-induced behaviors becoming ingrained habits that usher in a whole new set of societal norms. During this period of influx, some businesses will thrive in this change and reach accelerated success, while others will struggle to find their footing in all of the chaos.

No matter what. We are all in store for a period of rapid learning, marked by plenty of ups and downs and economic uncertainty.

Welcome to the Low Touch economy.