Yes Health, a digital health provider focused on weight loss, nutrition counseling and preventing type 2 diabetes, has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Khosla Ventures.

Using AI that augments human health coaching,
Yes Health

delivers personalized therapy for members at the right time directly to their smartphones, and its in-the-moment coaching generates up to 12 times the learning moments compared to programs that use phone or video-based coaching. The company emphasizes nutrition, fitness, and cheerleading to help members say yes to health. For example, the company’s technology allows members to take a picture of their meals instead of entering their daily food intake into a system, which are then converted into data that physicians and members can use to monitor their progress.

Yes Health serves tens of thousands of people and is offered directly to consumers or through their employers or health plans. Members on average lose more than 5% of their starting weight, regularly exercise more than 150 minutes per week and increase their nutrition scores to “healthy” within 13 weeks.

“Americans are more conscious than ever about their health, and digital health has become one of the most important markets for innovation. Yes Health is proven to tackle difficult and costly chronic conditions through an AI-augmented and all-mobile solution, aligning it with our firm’s thesis in healthcare.” – Samir Kaul, founding partner and managing director of Khosla Ventures.

“Diabetes and obesity are major, yet still addressable, epidemics in their own right that put tremendous pressure on the U.S. healthcare system. At Yes Health, we’ve invested significantly to combine the best of Silicon Valley technology with the compassionate care of the best health care professionals to give back people control over their health. Now more than ever it’s crucial that we don’t allow one health crisis to exacerbate others, needlessly driving up human suffering and societal cost.” – Alexander Petrov, founder and CEO of Yes Health.

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